Hackfriend 360º

Those who want to destroy your business will not give up. If they don´t stop trying, we can´t remain static. IT systems must be analyzed in a persistent way.

Outsourcing IT

We want to be your Technology Department, working at your side every day, analyzing how are you using technology and proposing how to improve your systems.
Talking to you in a simple way, using a language that will help you to make the right decisions.
No more incomprehensible technical reports.


We will analyze pemanently the security of your systems. We'll think as we were the attacker and then will look for vulnerabilities.
We will propose you in easy language how to increase your security levels day by day.


Full Security does not exist. But you can take some actions to minimize the damage that an attacker could produce.
We will help you managing these incidents  as if your company were our company.
You'll never be alone again